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Join the Amazon Prime trial now and enjoy a free month of service

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Learn about the features that bring together a large base of users in the Amazon Prime service, which will prompt you to join soon to be one of the premium Amazon subscribers.

Today, you can be among the distinguished members of Amazon by joining the company’s “amazon prime” service, where users today have a free 30-day subscription to the service to enjoy a number of features that include the feature of free and fast delivery of products, as well as a library full of distinctive content from movies and TV shows.

amazon prime subscription fee

The “Amazon Prime” service is available to all users today free of charge and for a period of up to 30 days. Also, the Amazon prime service is scheduled to be available at a price of 16 Saudi riyals per month after the end of the free offer period, and users are also allowed to cancel the subscription at any time.

The service, in the monthly subscription, is scheduled to provide the advantage of free and fast delivery of products, and the feature of international delivery for many products that come with a value of 200 riyals or more, with the feature of Prime Video, and video games from Prime.

You can also choose the annual subscription of 140 riyals, which also offers the advantage of fast free delivery of products within one day, free international delivery of many distinctive products at a price of $ 200 or more, and the user will also be able to experience Prime Video and video games from Prime, with the discounted delivery feature. Same day orders.

That’s why you have to be an Amazon Prime customer today!

Free fast delivery of products

The Amazon store has a large user base now, and with the increase in the percentage of users of the online shopping feature, the user is looking for a quick experience in delivering products at reasonable prices.

Also, by subscribing to amazon prime, the user will have the advantage of fast selection and fast delivery of products, so the user will not face the problem of delayed delivery of products. Amazon also provides the user with reference marks on the products that will support the amazon prime feature for fast free delivery within one day.

On the other hand, Prime members enjoy the benefit of free delivery within one day, which is available to a number of cities in the Kingdom, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Dammam, Taif, Al Kharj, and Al Khobar.

Also, the free delivery feature is available during a period of 4 to 6 days in some selected cities. This feature is also available without a minimum order.

Advantage of free international delivery of products

Amazon Prime offers free international delivery of products, where the list of eligible products for this feature includes many products, and this feature applies to special orders of $200 or more.

Exclusive series, shows and movies for amazon prime subscribersشترك

You can also enjoy entertainment features by subscribing to amazon prime, where the subscription gives you access to a library of exclusive content from Amazon, with movies and TV shows via Prime Video.

Free games with amazon prime

amazon prime entertainment features include free games for users, and even pay exclusive content in games including League of Legends, Apex Legends and Destiny 2.

Amazon offers start first for amazon prime subscribersشترك

Amazon offers a lot of offers to users throughout the year, and the amazon prime service qualifies you to get new offers before many, to have the time to shop and choose.

amazon prime free for 30 days

Today, you can join to be among the distinguished members of Amazon through your subscription to amazon prime, where the company supports you to make the decision after practical experience of all the service features over a period of 30 days, and then you can terminate the subscription before the automatic renewal or join a select group of Amazon customers with a subscription Monthly value of 16 Saudi riyals only, and you can subscribe to the free offer via the following link.

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