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Japan sends a transformable robotic ball to the moon

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Japan is preparing an unusual robotic robot for exploration the moonIt is clear that this robot is influenced by the technology industry in the country.

And theannounced Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) says it will send a baseball-sized rover to the moon sometime next year to collect data on lunar dust.

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The small spherical robot can transform itself into a driving position across the surface instead of rolling over.

The agency has teamed up with Sony Corporation, Doshisha University and toy maker Tomy to create a transformable robot.

The robot comes in the shape of a ball, and is intended to study lunar soil before sending a manned rover in 2029.

The Japanese company ispace delivers the 250-gram rover using the HAKUTO-R commercial lander.

Japan has a chance to join an exclusive club made up of only three countries, the United States, the Soviet Union and China.

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And these three countries managed to land on the moon, so if Japan succeeds in its project, it will give its space program unprecedented global credibility.

Japan’s lunar robot:

The transforming ball is filled with scientific equipment with the help of many heavy players in the industry.

Sony is developing robotic imaging and control technologies. Japanese toy maker Tommy helps miniaturize technologies to make sure everything fits.

The robot also has another very important function of data collection. This is to ensure that the agency’s massive rover will be ready to blast off to the lunar surface as soon as 2029.

The data obtained by ispace is intended to improve the design accuracy, automation and driving technology of the manned roving vehicle, which is currently undergoing research in JAXA.

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A joint study of the convertible lunar robot has been in operation since 2016. But the effort was mainly boosted with the entry of Sony in 2019 and the entry of Doshisha in 2021.

The transformable lunar robot will be an ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight robot. Thus, it can traverse the harsh environment of the Moon by using miniaturization techniques, control techniques and development techniques to deal with the space environment.

The robot has the feature of transforming after it reaches the lunar surface, which contributes to reducing the size during transportation to the moon.

He is expected to play active roles in future lunar exploration missions as well.

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