Jannah Newspaper 2022

Jannah Newspaper 2022..Dear visitor, you may have used a lot of templates before, but I think that you may suffer a lot, so you will find what you like here. We will put a template for you that is used for technical and news sites and many fields and businesses. It is a wonderful jannah template.

Jannah Newspaper 2022
Jannah Newspaper 2022

Characteristics Template Jannah

More than 20 ready-made designs: Jannah’s template comes with 20 ready-made designs, each design comes in a specific shape according to the type of site, for example there is a design for cooking sites, a design for travel sites and others.

Installing ready-made designs in one click: As we said earlier, the template comes with more than 20 ready-made designs, and each design is used for a specific type of website.

When you choose the ready-made design that you will use on your site, you can install it with one click and with ease.

Supports the Arabic language RTL 100%: Of course, for those who do not know, the template is designed by Arab hands, so it fully supports the Arabic language without problems.

The translation is ready.

Control panel graph, graph, graph, graph, graph, graph, graph, right graph, graph, graph are in English.

– 2X times faster: The Jannah mold is designed using cleaning techniques to increase the speed of delivering good performance, and among these traditional techniques

Lazy Load: This feature means loading images when the visitor requests it.
Js minified version: This is the minified version of JS. It works in the same way as js, but it is in a minified size.

Minified CSS Resource: Minified CSS resources that remove indentation, newlines, and more.
Compatible with various devices (computers, phones…): Jannah’s template is compatible with various devices, regardless of their screen size, whether phone, computer, etc.

The template also contains a smart menu that adapts to the user’s device to ensure that the visitor gets the best user experience, in order to facilitate navigation within the site.

– Compatible with SEO: The template was designed with SEO standards in mind, and the goal is to improve the template with search engines, improve archiving and lead in search results.

The template is also compatible with the popular Yoast Plugin for SEO, as well as support for HTML SEO so that search engines can capture ranking signals from specific HTML elements, as well as support for SEO Rish Snippet add-ons such as comments, ratings, etc.

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