iRig Pre 2 .. A wireless audio interface for content makers

iRig Pre 2 .. A wireless audio interface for content makers

Carried out a company IK Multimedia – a manufacturer of affordable audio and video production equipment – with Interface Its new iRig Pre 2 wireless audio.

The iRig Pre 2 is a pocket-sized subwoofer and speaker designed to allow people to easily record via appropriate XLR microphones on the go, including phantom power..

Phantom power is represented in the context of professional audio equipment DC electrical power that travels through microphone cables to power microphones that contain active electronic circuits.

The new wireless audio interface is ideal for mobile content makers available Now for the initial order at $ 50.

The interface allows podcast users, musicians, and videographers to use phantom-powered XLR microphones for recording, broadcasting or performing.

XLR microphones tend to provide better sound quality than their USB counterparts, however, in most cases this requires the use of some type of audio interface with a phantom card to power the microphone.

Dragging around a laptop and larger interfaces to achieve this on the go can be cumbersome, and this is the problem that IK Multimedia’s new wireless audio interface is trying to solve.

The iRig Pre 2 has a built-in XLR connector for suitable condenser microphones and a full phantom power of 48V – some competitors only provide 32V, and according to IK Multimedia, this degrades the microphone’s overall sound quality somewhat.

There is also a phone port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which allow direct connection to portable devices, such as: smartphones, tablets, and DSLR cameras.

IRig Pre 2 uses two AA batteries to provide 48V phantom power for about 7 hours of continuous use, and if you have a dynamic microphone, you can turn off the phantom power and get about 20 hours of battery performance.

An automatic interface switch circuit allows it to automatically adapt to the audio input levels of most digital cameras.

IRig Pre 2 comes with Velcro tape so you can attach it to your camera or microphone stand, free audio and video recording app, and VocaLive for live performance and multi-track recording.

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