IPhone foldable mockup passed durability tests

IPhone foldable mockup passed durability tests

Two foldable iPhone prototypes have passed internal testing for durability, according to For site Economic Daily News, Taiwanese.

The folding joint system designed by a company Apple for two different iPhones at the Foxconn factory in China.

The first foldable iPhone to be tested is said to be a dual-screen model, like the Galaxy Fold, and possibly Being the same prototype of the dual screen that was rumored about in June 2020.

Rumors released at the time indicated that this model used two separate screens but were connected by a hinge.

Although the prototype of this iPhone features two separate screens but connected by a hinge, the leaks claim that the screens appear connected and somewhat smooth.

It is also worth noting that Apple has patented a device that includes two separate screens that can be combined together to create one hinge foldable device.

It is said: It is the second foldable iPhone that is undergoing testing It is a foldable clamshell phone, like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News report claims that this clamshell model uses Samsung’s flexible OLED screen.

And thePrevious reports also mentioned that Apple requested a large number of foldable mobile phone screen samples from Samsung for testing purposes earlier in 2020.

Allegedly, what was tested were not finished phones, but test units with very limited internal parts rather than fully functioning devices with screens.

The main purpose of the test was to measure the robustness of the folding mechanism, and the report states that the test is now over, and Apple is expected to evaluate which of the two models should proceed with its development.

A November 2020 report stated that Apple had sent foldable iPhones to Foxconn to test the foldable joint with more than 100,000 open and close tests.

Given the consistency of rumors surrounding foldable iPhones from multiple sources, especially in terms of testing, it may be more credible.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News report predicts that the foldable iPhone will not appear until late 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.

Apple has applied for a large number of patents related to its foldable phone dating back to 2016, and it appears that work on such a phone is continuing.

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