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Instax Square SQ1 returns the instant camera to its basics

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Revealed a company Fujifilm announced a new addition it’s called (Instax Square SQ1) – the successor to (Instax Square SQ6) of 2018 – to its lineup of square-shaped instant film cameras.

This camera is basically a square version of the popular Instax Mini camera, giving (Instax Square SQ1) users 1.5 times the print size in addition to some new easy-to-use automatic features.

Instead of adding more technology, such as screen and Bluetooth pairing, that the company added to last year’s Instax Mini LiPlay camera, Fujifilm has made the Instax Square SQ1 as simple as possible.

Mane Almeida said (Manny Almeida), President of Fujifilm North America: The camera combines everything our users love about the cool and modern style and functions of the Instax Mini line with the larger and vibrant output of instant square print film.

“We are confident that (Instax Square SQ1) will fit perfectly with our creative and expressive user base and allow them to create new and attractive instant prints,” he added.

The compact box design with two useful features gives you the auto exposure feature that uses ambient light levels to optimize shutter and flash speeds for more natural images, no matter what conditions you’re dealing with.

This feature allows those new to instant photography to correctly capture auto-exposure photos regardless of conditions, resulting in instant prints that are instantly sharper and more vibrant.

While the One-Touch Selfie Mode, with the built-in Selfie Mirror, makes close-up shots better when you rotate the lens from On to Selfie mode.

Besides (Instax Square SQ1), Fujifilm also introduces two new types of (Instax Square) films, (Instax Square Rainbow) and (Instax Square Monochrome), without sharing any additional information.

And the simple camera can change pictures and encapsulate them in a creative frame, which makes ordinary-looking photos worthy of posting on the Instagram platform.

The camera and both types of new films will be available on September 30th, where the camera price is $ 120 and comes in blue, orange and white.

While the film costs $ 15 for 10 (Instax Square Monochrome), and $ 16 for 10 (Instax Square Rainbow).

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