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Instagram shows statistics for live videos

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Started platform Instagram is rolling out new statistics data for live videos and Reels videos across the platform, and with this feature, content creators can better understand their online performance.

Instagram allows its users with merchant accounts and content makers to access Various scales It is called statistics that show them how the posts are performing.

And the social network is now giving them access to more data by launching stats for Reels and Live video.

While live video has been available via the platform for a while now, Reels is a fairly new addition, as Instagram launched it last year after months of testing, giving users an alternative to TikTok within the app itself.

And with the new stats data, users can see how many plays, likes, comments, saves and shares your Reel videos get, and how many accounts they access.

For live videos, the stats page shows the number of comments and shares they get, the number of accounts they reach and their simultaneous peak viewers.

In addition, Instagram has refreshed the account statistics page, which can be accessed via the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, with more useful information.

The reach section now divides accounts that interact with user content into followers and non-followers.

Moreover, the reach section ranks content based on reach and interaction with account type to give users an idea of ​​what is most effective for their audiences.

Instagram is rolling out new pre-defined timeframe options on the statistics page over the coming months as well, so users can filter data in other ways than seeing numbers for the last 7 or 30 days.

Users can access the statistics data via desktop in the near future.

The platform promises more feature updates throughout the year to help businesses looking to grow their audience and engage their followers.

This update comes a few weeks after Apple introduced iOS 14.5 with the App Tracking Transparency policy.

Instagram is now required to take permission before tracking users, and it must now give content makers other tools to better understand audiences and help businesses use the photo-sharing platform in order to monetize products.

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