Instagram Lite returns to the Google Play Store after a four-month hiatus

Instagram Lite returns to the Google Play Store after a four-month hiatus

Instagram Lite is back after a four-month hiatus

As is the case with the Facebook and Messenger apps, there is the Lite version of Instagram application “Instagram Lite”, which is a visually identical copy of the social media application, and if you remember, the parent company Facebook announced the official closure of the service last May for renewal, and today and officially the application is available again.

In turn, the last update of the application came back in October 2019, and at that time it was carrying the Instagram Lite version number 67, now with the return of the application it has downloaded the version number of Instagram Lite v216, and despite the big jump between the two versions, the experience is similar to what matters were left five months ago. Now, except for a slight reduction in app size.

As for the general picture of the experience, with Instagram Lite, users will be able to forward messages, play videos automatically by default, and pull the instant camera feature for additions to their feed or story, and IGTV videos are indicated with a general video icon on the account page, but users Those who click on the post itself will be able to click on the “Watch the full video” button and get to a new page to view the full content.

Finally, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that they are in the process of testing another and experimental application that aims to provide users with a high-quality experience, regardless of the quality of the phone or network, without mentioning any other details, in conclusion, you can download the Instagram Lite application by going to its page on the Google Play Store from Below, or download it via its APK file from Here.

Download the Instagram Lite application.

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