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Instagram launches Reels Remix which is similar to TikTok Duet

Launched platform Instagram has officially launched a new feature called Remix, which provides a way to record Reels video along with a video from another user.

The option is similar to TikTok’s current Duets feature, which also allows users to interact with someone else’s video content while creating their own.

The new Instagram feature was subjected to public testing previously, so some Instagram users may have accessed it.

Reels emulates Tik Tok in multiple ways, and now gets another feature from the popular video app, so that users can now on Instagram use Remix Reels, which means that they can upload a video next to another user, based on the original clip.

Instagram’s plans for Remix have appeared recently, and Snapchat is working on developing its own Remix feature.

And Duets at TikTok is an essential part of making the app look like a social network and less than just a passive video viewing experience.

And users take advantage of Duets to sing, dance, joke, or act alongside another user’s video, and do things like cook someone else’s recipe, record a reaction video, or even just watch a video from a smaller content maker to give it a boost.

TikTok’s competitors, such as Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, or YouTube Short, have launched short video experiments without the full suite of sharing or editing features like TikTok, which makes their apps appear to be copycats.

And Reels Remix is ​​a first step towards changing that perception, by giving users at least one important option to share and collaborate with their creative colleagues.

The feature will only be available via newly uploaded Reels, so if you want to use it with older Reels videos, you need to either re-upload it or revert to old Reels videos and enable Remix.

The Reels Remix videos appear alongside any other Reels you have registered on the Reels tab of your Instagram account, and you will be able to track who has repurposed your content through the activity tab of Instagram.

Instagram says this feature is rolling out starting today, and is enabled by default across all new Reels videos posted from a public account.

Reels launched in August last year and Instagram has added more features like Tik Tok as the months go by, while also removing any emphasis on any recycled content.

The company is clearly serious about making short video content a mainstay, as it has added the Reels button to its home screen.

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