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Instagram launches Playback feature to revive your Stories

The Instagram application is one of the most popular applications used by millions of people around the world, because this application is distinguished from other various social networking applications, and the company responsible for the application is always striving to develop it continuously, and in this article we will provide you with the best features that have been added to the application It is a playback feature.

Instagram launches playback feature to bring back your story

The responsible company launched the Instagram application, one of the best features that every home wants to enjoy using the application. The current text, image, or video clip.

Therefore, Instagram has introduced the ability to retrieve the status that was added earlier by re-publishing it again on the status, by choosing the top 10 cases that the user shared on the application, and by choosing any of these cases, it can easily be retrieved on the same date of publication after more than a month It is similar to retrieving memories of Facebook posts, and other applications that give their users this feature.


Instagram app features

The Instagram application is characterized by a number of wonderful features that any of its users can benefit from, and the following is a presentation of these features in some detail:

  • Any Instagram user can use more than one type of rain camera for the clearest, cleanest, and best photos on the app.
  • The application also enables its users to use a number of filters that beautify and purify the face when posting a video on the application, or posting a photo.
  • The Instagram application is characterized by the ability to share photos, videos and various publications on other social networking sites, whether Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • One of the advantages of the Instagram application is that it enables the user to write on photos, as well as add emojis on the photo.
  • The Instagram app also allows users to add the song to photos when they need to add the photo to the status.

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Advantages of Instagram in business

Instagram is one of the most effective social networking sites in the process of commerce and marketing, as the social networking site is the representation used by millions of people from around the world, and the following is a presentation of these in some detail:

  • The Instagram application provides users with the ability to create a documented page on the site and through which to follow the person’s business and gain the trust of customers.
  • Enables the business owner to reach the largest number of people when marketing a particular product is required.
  • One of the advantages of Instagram in the field of business is that it also allows the user to publish a video of the presentation and marketing of the product, regardless of the duration of the video through the status or posting directly through the person’s business account.
  • Through the application, the investor can communicate text with customers and then identify the customer’s needs in detail and try to provide the product with these specifications to ensure the sale of the product and earn money.

Instagram biography

One of the most important features of the Instagram application from other applications is that it enables the user to place his CV, uh, inside his account for ease, so that anyone can identify the user by simply entering the CV in his account, and in addition to that, the application allows the user to put A number of links within his bio, and by using this feature, the user can share more of his information on the application.


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