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Instagram is bringing ads to the Reels feature

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Put platform Instagram ads are nearly everywhere in their app, and less than a year after they launched Reels, the platform is bringing ads to the cloned feature of TikTok.

The full-screen ads are reaching India, Germany, Brazil and Australia before reaching more countries in the coming months.

The ads can be up to 30 seconds long, and look similar to the ads you see through the Stories feature in that they are in full screen mode.

And unlike story ads, users can interact with Reels ads the way they interact with the posts, including commenting, liking, viewing, saving, sharing and skipping posts.

The ads may also include “Shop Now” buttons, according to the screenshots shared by the company, as the social media platform aims to generate revenue from the short videos feature.

Facebook is also experimenting with a new ad format for stories called poster ads, which allows influencers to generate revenue from Facebook stories through poster-like ads and get a portion of the resulting revenue.

Poster ads were first announced in March, and they allow creators to monetize Facebook stories with poster-like ads.

Labels created by the brand allow influencers to link to specific products that their followers can purchase.

A company spokesperson indicated that this is the first time that Facebook has tested the profit-sharing feature within stories.

Poster ads represent Facebook’s latest effort in monetization.

The company is seeking to capitalize on its popularity in India, a fast-growing social media market, while rival Tik Tok has been banned from the country since last year.

Facebook said it plans to test other features in India, such as allowing content makers to share Reels’ videos through their Facebook accounts.

Facebook allows advertisers to specify categories of video content that they want to place ads on, such as: videos about children, pets, or fitness and workouts.

These updates come as Apple prepares to launch the App Tracking Transparency feature, which would limit the reach of targeted ads.

This feature requires applications to obtain user permission before tracking data across applications and websites owned by other companies. Facebook criticized the feature before its launch, describing it as harmful to small businesses.

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