Instagram introduces the classic story map and icons

Celebrate platform Instagram today is her tenth birthday, and that’s via release Numerous new features, including the Private Stories map, which offers a display that recalls the stories you have shared over the past three years.

It also added the previously announced Digital Wellbeing and IGTV Shopping update, along with A selection of special app icons for those newly inspired to redesign their home screen.

The photo-sharing app first appeared on the (App Store) on October 6, 2010, a few months after the iPhone 4 was released.

By updating, Instagram users via iOS and Android can choose between a set of orange, yellow, green, purple, black and white icons. There are also several versions of the classic icons.

The new Stories Map feature offers a private map and calendar of Instagram stories you’ve shared over the past three years, so you can look back at your favorite moments.

This may surprise some users who thought that Instagram stories were deleted from Facebook’s servers over time, but this is not the first time that Instagram retains old stories to develop a new feature.

Two new features were also launched in conjunction with the launch of the National Bullying Prevention Month, with the first feature hiding comments similar to other comments that have been reported automatically.

Comments remain visible under “Show hidden comments,” andThis feature is somewhat similar to Twitter’s “hide replies” feature, which was launched globally last year.

Instagram says it is also expanding its alerts feature to include an additional warning when people try to post offensive notes.

And the photo-sharing platform provides an AI-powered feature that alerts people when their comments might be considered offensive by giving them a chance to make changes before posting.

The company has also released new data on trends across its platform, as well as a look back on key Instagram milestones.

Instagram said: More than a million posts referring to “meme” are shared on its platform daily, and 50 percent of users watch a video on Instagram daily.

There are more than 900 million emoji reactions sent daily, and the average person sends three times more private messages than comments.

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