Instagram intends to test shopping at Reels later this year

Instagram intends to test shopping at Reels later this year

Launched Photo and video sharing service Instagram feature (Rails) Reels in the month of last August on a large scale in order to compete with the famous service (TikTok) TikTok, and is now looking to generate income through this feature.

And announced The company today says it will begin testing in-store shopping for Reels later this year and will also start making IGTV videos globally shoppable starting today.

In the end, these IGTV videos will also be available through the Instagram Shop, a page dedicated to in-app shopping. Viewers can just click on the IGTV video and purchase the items they are interested in through Instagram checkout, or the seller’s website.

It’s not surprising that Instagram has been seen trying to boost Reels’ shopping feature, yet the rollout timeline appears to be fast.

But it is in line with the strategy of Facebook – the owner of Instagram – which over the past few years has given priority to e-commerce, especially since it usually takes part of these purchases, but is postponing the imposition of these fees until the end of 2020.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in 2019 that he expects commerce and payments to be the future of the company, and given the pace of rolling out successive shopping updates, it appears he lives up to that promise.

Separately, Facebook Inc. said Last Wednesday: It will start using Messenger’s messaging service on Instagram, which is the first major step in its plan to link messages across its suite of apps.

This step allows users of each service to find video calls to contacts on the other end, send messages to them, and stop them without having to download both applications.

It also offers features, such as: custom emojis, and themes that were the mainstay of Messenger in Messenger, but were not previously available in Instagram’s simple messaging service, and it will also introduce new features, such as: hidden messages.

If users agree to the update, the Instagram messaging icon will change to the Messenger logo. As with Messenger, Instagram users who were not able to forward messages will be able to do so with a maximum of five people at a time.

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