Instagram begins launching the shopping feature for all Reels users

Instagram begins launching the shopping feature for all Reels users

Launched Photo and video sharing service Instagram feature (Rails) Reels in the month of last August on a large scale in order to compete with the famous service (TikTok) TikTok, then revealed that it is looking to generate income through this feature.

On October 5th the past, Announced The company said it would begin testing the Reels shopping feature later this year, and then began making IGTV videos shoppable globally.

And today Instagram announced the launch of the shopping feature for Reels users around the world. Businesses and content creators will be able to set product price tags when creating short videos, and viewers can click on those price tags to purchase or save products.

Brand-specific price tags are also available to influencers who get paid for their posts. With this launch, Instagram now allows shopping in all parts of its service, including: homepage, stories, IGTV and Live.

Shopping is important to Instagram and Facebook, who are looking to distribute revenue. Advertising is the primary way for both platforms to generate income, but shopping provides an opportunity to profit from sales fees. And in the case of Instagram, users are looking for inspiration for what they want to buy, so giving them the option to buy directly from the app simplifies the process.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in 2019 that he expects commerce and payments to be the future of the company, and given the speed in rolling out successive shopping updates, he appears to fulfill that promise.

Meanwhile, Tik Tok is cooperating with Shopify to launch new shopping features, including: A test that will allow (Shopify) users to place a price tag on products in their videos using the Shopify button. Now.

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