Indian startups pledge to fight Google’s influence

Indian startups pledge to fight Google’s influence

Executives said Agency Reuters: Dozens of Indian tech startups have gathered to look at ways to challenge a company Google, such as filing complaints with the government and the courts.

And theThese Indian startups are resentful of Google’s domestic dominance of mainstream apps.

Google has worked closely with the booming startup sector in India and has intensified its investment there, but it has angered many tech companies recently with what it described as unfair practices.

The companies discussed forming a new consortium that mainly aims to file protests against the Indian government and the courts against Google.

Nearly 99 percent of the smartphones of the half a billion users in India are powered by Google’s own Android operating system.

And some Indian emerging companies say: This allows Google to exercise greater control over the applications and other services that it can provide, an allegation the company denies.

The uproar began last month when Google removed the popular payments app (Paytm) from its store, citing its violation of the policy.

This led to sharp criticism from the founder of the Indian company, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, whose app returned to the Google platform a few hours later, after Paytm had some changes.

Sharma described Google as the big brother who controls the distribution of applications on Android phones, He urged about 50 executives to come together to stop this behavior.

One of the ideas that was raised was to launch a local competitor for the Google Play Store, but Sharma said: This will not be effective, given the dominance of Google.

Google previously said: that its policies aim to protect Android users, and that it applies them and constantly imposes them on developers.

The US company angered some Indian startups this week with its decision to impose a 30 percent commission on in-app payments via the Android Store.

Many Indian companies criticized this decision, and Reuters said: There are discussions in order to file anti-trust complaints and contact the president of Google in India for discussions.

Google defends the policy, saying that 97 percent of apps worldwide adhere to it.

The company is facing a monopoly issue related to its payments application in India, and a competition investigation into allegations that it misused Android’s dominant position.

These disputes are straining Google’s strong ties with Indian startups Google has invested in some of them and helped hundreds develop products.

The search giant pledged in July With new investments of $ 10 billion over seven years.

A senior technology executive who is familiar with Google’s thinking said: The conflict is counterproductive to what Google has been doing, and from Google’s interest. solve this problem.

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