India is open to launching its app store

India is open to launching its app store

A senior government official said Agency Reuters: India is open to launching its app store or expanding an existing one if it receives enough demand from local companies to find an alternative to Apple and Google.

The country has about 500 million smartphone users, and most of them use Android OS a company Google, but Indian startups have criticized the tech giant for policies they say are stifling its growth.

Paytm, backed by SoftBank, one of India’s leading payment companies, protested the US tech giant’s decision to remove its app for a few hours last month over a policy violation.

Google said this week: It will implement a strict policy that charges a 30 percent commission on in-app payments in its Android store.

In response to a previous media report, a senior Indian official told Reuters: New Delhi has not received any official request but is ready to consider developing a mobile platform from which apps can be downloaded.

The government official said: Before we open a store, we need to know that there will be users for it.

The official added that India runs a mobile app store that lists more than 1,200 mainly government-backed apps, and the government could also consider expanding it instead of starting from scratch.

Google previously said: Less than 3 percent of developers who have apps on its store have sold digital goods over the past 12 months, and nearly 97 percent adhere to the payment system policy.

However, many founders of Indian startups are calling for creating a local app store that does not charge high service fees.

“It is absolutely essential that you have a local app store,” said Vishal Gondal, co-founder of nCore Games.

“If we have to pay Apple’s 30 percent fee, in addition to paying for customer acquisition, how will our nascent business continue.”

(Paytm) did not approve Google’s evaluation, but it removed some promotions to re-apply it to the store. Company founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma said: Google acts as a judge, jury and executioner.

Google said: Its policies aim to protect users from potential harm and have been applied and imposed on all developers constantly, without referring to the company (Paytm) by name.

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