In a sudden escalation .. Facebook bans news in Australia

In a sudden escalation .. Facebook bans news in Australia

I decided a company Facebook has banned news and links to news articles and related content across its main social network for Australian users and media companies, following the country’s proposed landmark regulatory action that would force tech giants to pay Australian news organizations to use the content.

Australians woke up to blank news feeds on their Facebook pages on Thursday after the social media giant blocked all media content in a sudden and dramatic escalation of the dispute with the government over payment for content.

And theReported The New York Times that the bill passed the Australian House of Representatives today, and is believed to have enough votes to pass in the Senate.

The bill also targets Google, which earlier last month threatened to leave the country entirely, however, Google has since decided to start striking deals with major Australian media organizations to comply.

It appears that Facebook will not follow suit at the momentHe said (William Easton) William Easton, Managing Director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand: The proposed law misunderstands the relationship between our platform and the publishers who use it to share news content.

He added: We were left facing a strict choice, either to try to comply with a law that ignores the facts of this relationship, or to stop allowing news content through our services in Australia, and we chose the second option.

Changing Facebook policy has dire consequences for both users and media organizations, and Easton explains four distinct categories:

  • Australian Publishers: They are prohibited from sharing or posting any content via Facebook Pages, and officials remain able to access other features of their Facebook Page, including Page Insights and Creator Studio, and Facebook continues to provide access to all of its other standard services, including Data Tools and CrowdTangle.
  • International Publishers: They can continue to post news content via Facebook, but Australian audiences cannot view or share links and posts.
  • Australian users: They cannot view or share Australian or international news content via Facebook or content from Australian and international news pages.
  • International users: They cannot view or share Australian news content via Facebook or content from Australian news pages.

Facebook says: It uses a range of technologies to restrict news content and has processes for reviewing content that was inadvertently removed, and makes clear that news content changes will not affect any other products or services of the company in Australia.

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