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imoo Ear-care..Designed for kids

BBK Electronics is very popular due to the OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus brands, however, the company has a lesser known brand known as imoo.

The imoo brand operates an affiliate For a company BBK Electronics has been making smart wearables focused on children since 2012.

And imoo Ear-care is the latest addition to its lineup, an open ear headphone that broadcasts sound to the area around the ear.

This helps the child remain aware of his surroundings and hear traffic and music at the same time.

The imoo Ear-care headset features two 16.2mm speakers with infrared sensors that automatically pause the music when the headset is taken off.

The sound level reaches a maximum of 85 dB for a safe listening experience for children’s ears while protecting children’s eardrums from premature hearing damage by following WHO recommendations.

The body is made of lightweight, hypoallergenic plastic, which is baby-friendly.

The light weight of 30g makes children feel comfortable, and the headset is IP54 water and dust resistant.

The connection is made via bluetooth with the standard connection support of the bluetooth 5.0 standard, which ensures a seamless connection with other bluetooth devices within the announced range of 10 meters.

The battery life is rated at 8 hours for continuous use on a single charge, and it takes 1 hour for a full fast recharge.

And there is a high-quality sound production structure, providing children with a more pure listening experience, with flexible structural design, fits the head size of children of different ages, not easy to fall off.

The imoo Ear-Care is available in Aurora Green for $ 59 from The company’s website.

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