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IBM releases the Quantum Computers Developer Certificate

Announced IBM announced the release of its first developer certification for programming quantum computers, while Quantum computing While still in its infancy, most of the experts in the industry make it clear that it is time to learn the basic concepts.

Although little is self-evident about quantum computing hardware, the actual software tools most players in the industry develop today should be fairly familiar to nearly any developer.

Not surprisingly, IBM Quantum Developer Certification, as it is formally called, focuses on IBM’s software tools and in particular Qiskit, an open-source quantum computing framework that provides tools for creating, manipulating and running quantum software.

Qiskit has proven hugely popular with over 600,000 installations, and when IBM Quantum and the Qiskit team hosted a quantum summer school last year, nearly 5,000 developers participated.

On top of knowing the basics of Qiskit (thinking about identifying and implementing quantum circuits), developers also need to learn some of the basics of quantum computing itself.

Having knowledge of Bloch domains, Pauli matrices and Bell states, you will be in a position to take the certification exam, which is administered via the Pearson VUE platform.

“This is only the first of a series of planned quantitative certifications,” said Abe Asfaw, Global Head of Quantitative Education and Open Science at IBM.

He added: What we have created is a multi-level developer certification, and we are issuing through this announcement level one.

This level lets developers learn how to work with quantum circuits, how to use Qiskit to build a quantum circuit, and how to operate it with a quantum computer. How to view the results, and how to interpret the results.

This paves the way for the next series of certifications IBM is developing, which are then attached to the use cases explored in chemistry and finance.

Asfaw emphasized that IBM has focused on educating developers about quantum computing for a long time now, in part because it takes time to develop skills in order to build quantum circuits.

He also noted that Qiskit has integrated a lot of the tools that a developer would need to work at the department level and the app level.

The idea is to make it easy for anyone currently developing to be able to run these tools and integrate quantum computing into the workflow, Asfaw said.

IBM often helps skill developers (from its partner companies) who are interested in quantum computing.

And with the new certification program, developers can now formally demonstrate their skills and demonstrate that they are in a position to use quantum computing in their workflow.

Quantum computing is poised to change the way we solve difficult computer problems, and global interest in it has increased in the past few years.

A market research report predicted that quantum computing will be a $ 65 billion industry by 2030, leading to new quantum jobs as well.

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