Hunter Board .. Electric Skateboard with Unique Suspension System

Hunter Board .. Electric Skateboard with Unique Suspension System

Hunter Board believes it has a solution to attract more people interested in electric skateboards.

She claims The companyBased in Lisbon, Portugal, it has built a unique suspension system that can increase stability, reduce vibration and reduce the risk of falls and self-harm.

And tend Electric skateboards To be less popular than bicycles and scooters because most people lack the confidence to move at high speed in an upright position without holding onto something.

And when road conditions are poor, riding on an electric skateboard can be dangerous.

Not only does the suspension reduce the risk of a passenger falling, the Portuguese company said, but tracks that were previously untestable due to obstacles became an option that could be tried for the first time.

Skateboards are often made of maple wood, but Hunter Board eschews flexible surfaces for an all-aluminum deck that has a battery underneath.

The board weighs 9 kg and can reach speeds of 34 mph, and by comparison, most electric skateboards can reach 24 mph.

The suspension may help make these speeds more manageable, and Hunter Board claims it is possible to make a turn of 25 degrees, or enough to make a full circle on a single-lane road.

The suspension is adjustable, the company adjusts it to your weight before charging it, and said: Gone are the days of swapping wheels on an electric skateboard to match the terrain.

Flexible roofs can absorb some of the impact of debris, but they are a far cry from the suspension system specifically designed for electric skateboards.

The 3,600-watt twin-axle motors enable climbing hills by 30 degrees, while the interchangeable battery provides about 38 kilometers (24 miles) of range per charge, which is very standard for a modern electric skateboard.

There is also the remote control, which is supposed to be revolutionary and comes with a battery that lasts about 50 trips.

The board comes at a price of 1949 dollars, and the company has been working on its design for the past three years, and the Hunter Board is comparing its skateboard to a (Cybertruck) truck from Tesla because of the aluminum design and the industrial suspension system.

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