Huawei unveils the HUAWEI FREEGO Bluetooth speaker, which is priced at $ 132

Huawei unveils the HUAWEI FREEGO Bluetooth speaker, which is priced at $ 132

The Chinese giant revealed its new version of the Huawei FreeGo amplifiers, which is characterized by a compact design, supports bluetooth communication, and starts at $ 132.

The Huawei FreeGo amplifier features silver and black colors, and comes in a small size of 120 by 31 mm, to support the user with the advantage of fast navigation, and the loudspeakers also come with two distinct units design from magnetic ammonium iron, and the membrane of the low-frequency unit in the amplifier is made of aluminum alloy, To support the amplifier with distinctive performance with the highest quality in acoustics.

The high-frequency unit in the Huawei FreeGo amplifier is also designed from magnetic ammonium iron from a silk membrane that supports smooth and flowing sound production, Huawei FreeGo also supports professional tone tuning through a dedicated algorithm, supports DRC dynamic compression, EQ tuning, and supports high-level audio production without interference .

The Huawei FreeGo Sound Blaster also supports NFC technology with a touch feature to quickly perceive the pairing with Bluetooth, and also supports rapid transmission of audio, as the audio is transmitted from the phone to the speaker when the phone touches the speaker while watching video content or listening to songs when receiving phone calls.

The Huawei FreeGo audio amplifier can also capture multi-directional audios within a range of 3 meters, and it also supports audio output in a range of up to 25 meters, and the battery in the amplifier supports a charging life of up to 10 hours, with fast charging support, where the speaker can be charged for 15 minutes For a charging life of up to 2 hours.

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