Huawei Smart Selection Car ..

Huawei Smart Selection Car ..

Announced a company Huawei on its smart screen for the Huawei Smart Selection Car, which is priced at about $ 259, within New Product Launch Conference, where the Smart Screen S and Smart Screen S Pro were unveiled.

The Huawei Smart Selection Car touch screen comes in 8.9 inches, with a brightness of 700 nits, and a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels.

It also comes with an automatic optical sensor system to adjust the screen brightness, and you can clearly display the indicative information on the screen when driving in various weather conditions.

And with 16.7 million colors and 72 percent of the color gamut and IPS screen, the picture is rich in color, in addition to that, the screen surface prevents glare and reduces light and shade.

This smart screen is considered the first screen inside the car with technology distributed in China, and it is the first product to be installed inside the car with the support of Huawei HiCar.

Based on the distributed capabilities, Huawei smartphones that support Huawei HiCar applications can be seamlessly cast to the smart screen inside the car.

The company has provided the screen with more than 30 supported applications, including Baidu Maps, Gaode Maps and other navigation applications, in addition to NetEase Cloud, Kugou, Himalaya and other music applications.

The smart screen inside the car adopts a design that makes it able to adapt to more central control units to meet the needs of users within different models of cars.

The connection between the screen and the base is based on a pivot structure used by professional SLR cameras, and it supports endless 360-degree rotation and can adjust the angle as desired.

The smart screen can be connected to the original car audio system, and it can be paired with a smart phone via wireless or bluetooth connection, and it also supports connecting smart home, cockpit games, etc.

The smart screen inside the car is equipped with an interactive front and back camera, and in addition to supporting regular calls, it can also support Huawei smartphone video calls and Huawei cloud conference functions.

The rear camera is a 135-degree wide-angle camera to cover the three driving paths, and it has a 360-degree adjustable base and supports full-front voice control and gesture control.

The rear camera can record video at 2160 x 1440 pixels and supports manual adjustment, with a maximum angle of 10 degrees.

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