Huawei is taking a step in the field of optoelectronics

Huawei is taking a step in the field of optoelectronics

This week the optoelectronics project built by China Construction Eighth Engineering was completed Favor a company China’s Huawei, providing the company with semiconductor supply chain capabilities from chip design and manufacturing to packaging and testing.

According to a post published by the company that built the facility, the second phase of Huawei’s project called Light Fab Covering an area of ​​about 210,000 square meters, it is part of Huawei’s largest R&D center in central China.

The post said: The facility is focusing on applications, such as smart terminals, optics, andThe final project will be Huawei’s first semiconductor manufacturing facility in China.

The facility helps Huawei build the full supply chain from semiconductor design, manufacturing, packaging and testing.

Optoelectronic devices, including lasers, are the primary technology used in optical fiber communication systems.

The post did not explain what photovoltaic manufacturing equipment was used at the facility.

Most optoelectronics devices are manufactured using an older generation of chips, not the latest generation required for the advanced chips for smartphones and computers.

This development comes amid continuous pressure from the US government to prevent Huawei from accessing advanced technology used in smartphones and fifth generation network products.

Chinese leader (Xi Jinping) called on the country’s tech companies to become self-sufficient in core technologies, such as semiconductors.

And she said (He Hui) He Hui, Senior Semiconductor Analyst at Omdia, a technology-focused market research firm: The new chip project is unlikely to alleviate the crisis Huawei faces over preventing it from using US semiconductor technology.

Huawei announced in June this year that the local council of Cambridge, UK, had approved the first phase of its optoelectronics R&D center and manufacturing center.

Huawei said it is investing one billion pounds (1.3 billion US dollars) in the first phase of the project, which includes building 50,000 square meters of facilities across nine acres of land, providing about 400 local jobs.

Upon full operation of the Cambridge facility, it will become the international headquarters for Huawei’s optoelectronics business.

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