Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset

Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset

It seems that a company Huawei of China is open about the issue of using Qualcomm chipsets in its smartphones.

The rotating chairman of the Chinese company Huawei, Gao Ping, revealedGuo Ping), That the Chinese brand is ready to use Qualcomm chips in its smartphones if the US company gets the green light.

Ping said: We hope that the US government can reconsider its policy, and if the US government allows it, we are still ready to buy products from US companies.

“Qualcomm has always been a very important partner to Huawei, and Huawei has been buying Qualcomm chips for the past decade and more,” he added.

Huawei suffered numerous blows to its smart phone business as a result of the US sanctions against it, as the chipmaking division was particularly hard hit as a result.

This shift in events means at least for the time being that the upcoming Mate 40 series will be the last of Huawei’s flagship phones to be powered by the flagship Kirin processors.

US laws prevent Qualcomm from working with Huawei, but the US company has applied for a license to resume relations with the Chinese company.

It is not surprising that Huawei has been open about the issue of using Qualcomm chips, as competitor MediaTek has been prevented from supplying the Chinese company due to recent sanctions, even though it has applied for a license.

With Huawei’s HiSilicon section out of the picture as well, this means at best that the Chinese company’s options are limited.

And if Qualcomm obtained the necessary license and provided Huawei with the chips, this does not mean that this is the first time that Qualcomm chips have appeared in Huawei phones.

Huawei previously provided phones with Snapdragon processors, Some of Huawei’s most popular devices include Qualcomm processors, such as the original (Nova) series, (Nexus 6P) and (Y7) series for 2019.

It is very likely that Huawei will adopt Qualcomm chips in its flagship phones if Qualcomm gets the green light from the US and MediaTek fails to get approval in time.

The move to Qualcomm’s flagship processors could also be seen as a move by Huawei to satisfy the US government, which could open the door to reducing restrictions.

When asked about being open to using Qualcomm chips in its flagship phones, Huawei said: As we said before, we are ready to work with American companies, such as Qualcomm, as long as they are allowed to.

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