Huawei developed a facial recognition system to monitor Uyghurs

Huawei developed a facial recognition system to monitor Uyghurs

Developed a company Huawei provides a facial recognition system to monitor and track China’s Uyghur minority, according to To report New on China’s AI monitoring system released by research organization IPVM.

The Washington Post reported the news for the first time, and made it clear that the report is based on Published documents Publicly via the Huawei website, obtained via Google search.

The facial recognition project appears to be a demonstration of how Huawei devices are using the algorithms of the Chinese startup called Megvii.

In 2018 Huawei worked with Megvii to test an AI camera system that can scan faces in a crowd and estimate each person’s age, gender and race.

The IPVM report specifically highlights the Uyghur automated alert feature.

This feature would use facial recognition technology to identify a person’s ethnicity and send an alert to government authorities when camera systems identify members of the persecuted minority group.

The Uyghurs, a Muslim minority from northwest China, are under intense political repression from the Chinese government, making efforts to identify and trace them particularly dangerous.

Since 2017, at least two have been transferred Million people From Uighurs to a network of internment camps in Xinjiang, where they were forced to undergo indoctrination programs.

China has historically denied the existence of the camps, although satellite images confirm their existence.

And set report The New York Times released in 2019 a number of Chinese facial recognition companies building algorithms to identify Uyghurs, some of which faced US sanctions in the months following the report.

Megvii was previously linked to Uyghur recognition systems, but this is the first indication that Huawei may be actively developing and promoting such a product.

Defenders of human lefts say: That this technology has gained in recent years an increasing role among police departments in China.

The document highlights how Huawei has contributed to the development of technology, by providing servers, cameras, cloud computing infrastructure and other tools that support the technological power of systems.

Huawei and Megvii in the past two years have announced three surveillance systems that use the two companies’ technology, and both companies have admitted that the documents are authentic.

Huawei spokesman, (Glenn Schloss) said: The report is only a test and has not seen a real application, and Huawei provides general-purpose products only for this type of test, and does not provide applications or special algorithms.

A spokesperson for Megvii said: The company’s systems are not designed to target or classify ethnic groups.

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