Huawei calls on suppliers to help it against the US campaign

Huawei calls on suppliers to help it against the US campaign

The chairman said a company Huawei of China, in turns, Gao Ping, today, Wednesday: Huawei will do its best to support suppliers and strengthen the supply chain that has been attacked, without giving any details of the attack.

And Ping was talking at Event (Huawei Connect) annual, organized by Shanghai smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturer, which focuses on information and communication technology.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese company Huawei, alternately, explained that the company will continue to work with suppliers who are willing and able to stick to the Chinese company as it struggles to survive against the increasing US crackdown.

Ping said: Huawei is in a difficult situation these days, and the US aggression continues, which put us under great pressure, and Huawei is still carefully evaluating the effects, but fighting for survival is our main focus now.

Ping noted that the company will continue to invest in communications, high-performance computing, cloud and artificial intelligence, and will continue to support all suppliers who can still work with Huawei.

Bing’s remarks were the first public comments from a Huawei executive since the recent crackdown in Washington took full effect last week.

The US Department of Commerce announced on August 17 that any supplier that uses US technology in its development or production process must obtain a license in order to ship to the Chinese company.

Huawei and its suppliers have been scrambling to end shipments before the grace period for the new base expires on September 15.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, said in August: “As of September 15, the company will stop manufacturing its most advanced chipset in the Kirin line.

Fears of a decline in the company’s phones division led consumers to buy the company’s phones, and sellers say: Prices went up Including as much as $ 73.69 for some devices in response to soaring demand.

The company was stockpiling chips from various vendors before the restrictions were implemented, and analysts expect its current supply of Kirin chips to run out next year.

The US restrictions allow companies to apply for a license from the US authorities in order to continue to supply Huawei.

Some companies tried to take advantage of this policy, and Intel said: Obtain a license to supply specific products To Huawei.

China International Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC), which uses machines of American origin to produce chips for Huawei, said it has applied for a license.

And Huawei revealed earlier this month the new operating system (Harmony OS), an operating system it hopes to use instead of Android, as Google has been prevented from providing updates to the company.

The company said: It will launch the operating system first on IoT devices and then on smartphones at the end of the year.

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