How to watch the Apple Time Flies event today?

How to watch the Apple Time Flies event today?

Although the release schedule Products Apple seems shaken by the spread of the Corona epidemic and the subsequent quarantines, we will still see some fun new tools today, but where and when is the Apple Time Flies broadcast today?

Since the Apple Time Flies event is a virtual event and is undoubtedly pre-recorded from (Apple Park), so you have a number of different ways to witness the event, and before we get to that, let’s talk about logistics, as the Apple event kicks off at 10:00 in the morning. Pacific time (1:00 PM ET) or 8 PM Mecca time.

If you want to watch the Apple Time Flies event on the big screen – at least something bigger than a laptop or phone – you can stream it directly through the (Apple TV) app, and you won’t need a subscription to an Apple TV.

Other than that, if you want to go the classic way, you can just open the Apple channel on The YouTube And set simple event reminders, as you can always access Company web site Apple to view a live broadcast of the company’s Time Flies event.

Any option that allows you to place an Apple Time Flies event on a secondary screen such as an iPad, TV, or anything else is ideal, as this allows you to use the laptop to work, turn it off, or send tweets directly while following the event.

It is expected that the focus on the new model of the iPad Air tablet will be large at an Apple event, and according to numerous reports during the past month, Apple has significantly redesigned the device to make it similar to the iPad Pro 2019, and according to leaks, the iPad Air is expected to come with similar edges. For those on iPad Pro models, the USB port instead of the Lightning port, the 11-inch screen, instead of 10.5 inches, and the Touch ID sensor built into the device’s side button.

It is also expected that the Apple event will include the announcement of the new generation of Apple’s smart watch (Watch Series 6), and the leaks indicate that the new model of the smartwatch will focus heavily on new health features, such as: adding a new feature that allows discovering the level of oxygen in the blood , This feature will work similarly to the heart rate notifications features by sending a notification to the user if the blood oxygen level drops below a certain limit, in addition to improving the EKG feature in the smartwatch.

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