How to use effects to adjust videos directly in the TikTok app

How to use effects to adjust videos directly in the TikTok app

Application shift (Tik TokTikTok from just a song sync app to a platform with a variety of videos covering different categories, such as: comedic challenges, how-to cooking videos, political and educational videos, and much more.

We find that the reason for the popularity of the (TikTok) application is the ease of creating videos on it, and part of this process is the use of the built-in effects in the application, such as: (Transition) Transition that allows you to change the look and feel of your videos, as the application offers eight unique transitions. To use one of them in the video clip and easily adjust it inside the app.

What are the transition effects of TikTok?

(Transitions) are one of the most prominent video editing features in the app, and although video editing in the TikTok app itself is very simple and easy, the content creator has used this feature professionally in their videos to attract users to follow their accounts.

to do this. Follow next steps:

  • Open the (TikTok) application on your smartphone.
  • In the toolbar on the main screen of the app, press the (+) sign.
  • The phone camera screen will open for you with two options: uploading an existing video clip in the phone, or recording a new video.
  • Download two clips from your phone’s video library, or record two new clips.
  • In any of the two video clips, press the Effects option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the option (transition) Transition.
  • Drag the slider tool to where you want to go.
  • Select the transition you want from the options below, and the app will automatically play the video from the beginning of the transition to the end of the clip.
  • If you don’t want where to go, press the back arrow.
  • Click the transition icon more than once to add another transition.
  • When done, press play option to fully review the TikTok video.
  • After completing, click on the option (Save) Save in the top right of the screen.

NoticeYou can also add transitions to the video in the (TikTok) app using a third-party application, the most famous of which are: Videoshop And the Magisto And the BeeCut, Which provides you with more advanced editing options.

And remember: Make sure to save the edited video on the phone when finished and then upload it to your account in the (TikTok) app.

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