How to update iPhone to iOS 14

How to update iPhone to iOS 14

While that Devices The new iPhone was delayed to arrive this year due to delays related to the Corona virus epidemic, Apple still has a new version of iOS 14 for iPhones that you can download.

The company releases iOS 14 with (watchOS 7), As part of Fall Products that began Tuesday with the announcement of a new pair of Apple watches and iPads, an online fitness subscription, and bundling options for existing services such as (+Apple TV) and (Apple Arcade).

Besides the new look, the iOS 14 operating system for iPhones includes a number of new features designed to disassemble your growing collection of apps, better protect your digital privacy, and improve company maps and messaging apps.

How to update iPhone to iOS 14:

Updates don’t always go perfect, which is why it is smart to backup your phone data before switching to iOS 14 and if your data is deleted by mistake you will be able to restore it from the backup.

Let’s see the last time a backup copy was saved your phone In (iCloud), go to (Settings), then (Apple ID), then (iCloud), then (iCloud Backup). Once you are there, you will have the option (Back Up Now).

Once you have backed up the data on your iPhone, click the (Settings) icon then (General) then (Software Update), and you will likely see a notification that the update is ready, and if not, select (Software Update) anyway and your phone will search for it. Then just download and install it, and this can take several minutes.

And don’t worry if you don’t see the iOS 14 update right away, as Apple releases these updates in stages, and not everyone gets them at the same time.

And if your phone’s battery is not fully charged, plug it in before starting the upgrade process. You will also need a bit of storage space to run the update, so start deleting items now if you need some space.

According to Apple, iOS 14 is compatible with all iPhone phones, starting with the iPhone 6s, but smartphones have progressed slightly in the five years since this phone first appeared, so if you have an iPhone 6s, Apple says: These phones may not fit these versions. To run every advanced feature.

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