How to stay safe while shopping online using your smartphone?

How to stay safe while shopping online using your smartphone?

Smartphones and mobile applications have made online shopping easy and convenient, while the benefits of shopping online with a smartphone are numerous, safety remains a big issue, and many shoppers find they are vulnerable to scams and hacking attempts. In this post, we will give you 4 ways to improve your safety while shopping online using your smartphone.

Shop from reputable sellers:

While safety is often your responsibility when shopping online, a great deal of it is due to the cybersecurity strategy of the website or application you access.

Most of the vendors require you to provide them with personal information during registration, which means that your data will be at risk of a data breach, but reputable e-commerce stores have robust security strategies that keep your data safe from other hackers and intruders.

Use a VPN:

Virtual Private Networks (VPNMore than hiding your true geographic location, it enhances your online security by encrypting the information you send from your device, making it incomprehensible to any third party intercepting the connection.

Good VPNs can help you access various e-commerce stores without fear of giving away sensitive information to third parties, and they also mitigate browsing risks when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Use mobile applications:

Online shopping allows access to most stores from websites and mobile applications, but websites provide more flexibility, and you can access them from any device that has a browser, but applications remain safer to use because many e-commerce stores offer an option Two-factor authentication When using their mobile apps.

Do not save authentication credentials:

Every time you enter a new username, the browser asks if you want to save the information, as saving this information provides convenience and speeds up subsequent login attempts and saves you the hassle of saving your password, but it can endanger your safety, as data breaches are considered. More prevalent than you think, and if someone breaks into your mobile phone, they can easily access your account if the authentication information is saved.

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