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How to speed up Windows 10 by changing computer components

Everyone knows that changing the components of the computer to newer parts helps to speed up Windows 10, but what not everyone knows is that you do not need to change all the components of your computer.

You can speed up Windows 10 by changing only three parts, and get the highest compatibility between them.

This means that powerful pieces don’t have to work together efficiently, but you get stronger performance from average pieces that are compatible with each other.

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Keeping system files intact and without tampering helps speed up Windows 10, which means checking your system periodically and possibly reinstalling it.

So if you want to speed up Windows 10, you should change these pieces:

USB flash drive:

Everyone thinks hard drives should be as large as possible, and this is true in some situations.

But if you want a fast calculator, you need to care about hard drive speed rather than space.

Before we talk about the speed of storage drives, we must differentiate between their types:

Hard Disk:

It is the traditional form of storage space, and it consists of a mechanical disk around which a needle rotates to read and write data.

It resembles old music players, or Blu-ray Disc readers, for example.

The mechanical dial is the largest and least expensive type of disk, but it is the slowest compared to the rest.


It is one of the modern forms of storage disks, and it consists of a group of electronic chips connected to each other.

The data is stored on these chips, and it is like a set of memory cards connected to each other on a large electronic chip.

Solid state drives are faster than hard disks and come with fewer hard drives at higher prices.

NVME disks:

Discs represent NVME The latest and fastest storage solutions, which were launched for the first time in 2013, but have evolved a lot since then.

NVME drives are based on a storage method similar to SSDs, but instead of being connected via Sata-in, they connect via PCI Express.

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It uses a PCIe port to quickly transfer data from external graphics cards, so it reads and writes data to this disk faster than others.

The method of mounting these drives has evolved, and it has become possible to connect them via the M.2 port, which is a new and fast port as well.

But NVME drives come at a very high price, and they cost more than Sata drives that also use the M.2 port.

You can combine more than one hard disk together, because each type has a different use.

Therefore, we recommend using NVME disks or SSDs to store system files, and this helps to speed up Windows 10 in terms of opening files and daily operations.

As for storing large files and keeping copies of them, it is better to use mechanical hard drives because they provide more storage space.

You should ensure that your processor supports this type of storage drive.


And unlike what companies are trying to tell you, flash memories don’t make your computer faster.

But it is important to get random memories from the same manufacturer, in order to increase compatibility between them.

When it comes to random memory, the number is a priority, and this means that two 16 GB memory sticks are better than one 16 GB piece.

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Not everyone needs a memory size greater than 32 GB, unless your business requires the largest size.

You should also get random memory at a higher frequency, but don’t go for flash memory because the effect is not great.

And you have to make sure that the computer processor supports the frequencies of the memory before you upgrade it and get more space or higher speeds.

Motherboard and processor:

These parts are the last thing you should upgrade, and this is because the average processor is able to provide powerful performance with the appropriate parts.

The higher the power of the processor, the speed of the computer increases and its ability to deal with daily tasks also increases.

But there comes a point after which the force becomes ineffective, especially if it is Your use of the computer It does not require a large number of cores or a higher frequency.

It must also work on cooling the central processor professionally, in order to get the best performance from it.

And motherboards from reputable brands help you take full advantage of the power of the processor, memory, and storage drives.

But you don’t need the strongest motherboard as long as you don’t break it Processor speedInstead, you should focus on the motherboard’s ability to receive and make use of the hardware.

In conclusion, you should think about what you need for your use before thinking about upgrading computer parts.

So if all you want is to speed up Windows 10, some small upgrades will do the trick.

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