How to recover Gmail contacts that were deleted by mistake

How to recover Gmail contacts that were deleted by mistake

If you delete a Gmail contact and only later realize what big mistake you made, you can relax as long as you made the change in the last 30 days, and no matter how many contacts you add or delete, Gmail keeps a 30-day record of each contact in the address book. So if you accidentally delete one or more of your contacts, all it takes is a few clicks to get them back.

You cannot restore specific contacts, but you can recover all contacts deleted during the last 30 days, however, unless you finished the deletion process, it will not be very difficult to find the contact or contacts you are looking for, and it also requires restoring Contacts Log in to your Gmail account using a web browser, not the Gmail smartphone app.

How to recover deleted Gmail contacts:

  • Open Google Contacts In your browser.
  • Click on the Settings (gear) icon in the top right corner.
  • Click Undo Changes.
  • Choose the time frame you want to restore from, from 10 minutes to the past 30 days, then tap or click Undo.
  • Gmail will confirm the process by saying: “Your contact list will be restored to what it was on (the date you chose). It may take some time for these changes to appear on your device. ”

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