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How To Promote Your Business With Webinars

What is the Webinar?

The webinar is the word which constitutes from two words “Web” and “Seminar”. We already somewhere attended the seminar where the presenter hosts the audience and speaks about the topic. In the world of the internet where distance is not the limitation in the marketing of your product and services, giving seminars over the internet or web is called webinar. 
With clear information and instructions on how to use your product and services during the webinar, people could be more interested in buying your product and stay with your business. 

How Webinar Can Benefit Your Business

When you have a product and services ready to sell in the market then its the responsibility of you to make aware of every detail about your product and services to grab the attention of the audience in the webinar. The webinar gives you this opportunity.
Through webinars, you encourage the audience and build trust when you demonstrate your product. Your business gets the benefit from it by an increase in sales. 
Once you have decided that you are looking for this option to market your business and putting up your efforts then setting up and running the Webinar is easy by following up the below steps

1. Platform 

There are a lot of platforms are available to conduct your webinar including both free (up to a limited number of attendees) and paid. 
You can choose the right one depending on the size of the target audience, how easy for your viewers to download the plugin and join the meeting, reliability of the tool, and features available on it. Some of the platforms are as below

  • WebinarJam
  • BigMarker
  • CrowdCast
  • Zoom
  • AnyMeeting
  • Demio

2. Equipment 

You can deliver a great experience to your viewers with an uninterrupted session by ensuring good internet speed and good sound quality.
Therefore, it is always recommended to carry out the below checks first before you start your webinar

  • Computer or laptop with a good internet speed connection. You could also prefer a two-screen computer, one for your webinar and another one for seeing the comments from your viewers.
  • Sound Checks (Headphones and microphone)Get the best headphone for your webinar
  • Video Checks (Quality of builtin webcam or the standalone webcam)
  • One of the good browsers should be installed on your machine like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera

During the webinar, it is always recommended to close all your unnecessary tabs and applications running on your machine which could distract you while focusing on delivering the webinar. These may be any other chat window or any downloads. 

3. Content 

Most of the webinars are conducted using the Powerpoint presentation having a slide show. A webinar host should include the bullet point format on the sides. 
The audience feels connected with the webinar when the points are precise and clear to them. Text in the slide should be kept to a minimalistic. By viewing bullet points your audience should be able to connect to what you would like to deliver and keep track of it. 
Images, graphs, and charts are the supported part of your slide which always seek the attention of the audience and make your presentation more lucrative. 

4. Email and Signup Forms 

The promotion of your webinar is crucial so that it could hit the maximum of your target audience. The email and social media posts will be used to get the attention of your target audience so they could register for your webinar. By providing a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your posts you can get your audience landed on your website or any web page to get them registered. 

A well-created registration form or landing page asking for basic contact details like Name and Email-id is important to know who paid attention to your scheduled webinar and going to join.  

Most of the webinar platforms already provide you the facility of sending pre-webinar email reminders.