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How to profit from blogging online in practical steps

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Profit from blogging represents one of the most important and popular Ways to profit from the InternetAnd through it, many Arab youth are making excellent profits. Also, profit from blogging is a very flexible field, and it has many sub-paths that you can rely on any of them to make profits.

In this article, we will talk about how to profit from blogging in practical steps, in detail, so that you can have a clear map that you can rely on to start blogging and make a good profit through it … Let’s get started.

Before we start

This article will not go into the basics that you are supposed to teach, such as:

As you can see, we previously have guides covering these topics comprehensively (I put the links above for you), so there is no need to repeat the ideas in them, and this article is also directed to people who have even a simple experience with blogging.

That is why I advise you to look at the previous sources if you are new to this field, but if you are the person targeted by this article, let’s start, and do not waste any more time 👇!

Steps to profit from blogging

1. Determine which method of profit from blogging that you will rely on first

One of the most common mistakes that many beginners make in the blogging world is not selecting a profit method, or not focusing on one style at the beginning.

That is why you see many of these beginners either stop writing completely because he does not make any income, or he gave up and started writing in fields he does not like just to get any money from blogging.

There are many ways to profit from writing on the Internet such as:

  • Profit from ads.
  • Profit from self-employment.
  • Profit from writing on paid publishing platforms.
  • Profit from affiliate marketing.
  • Profit from selling digital products.
  • Profit by selling services.

And other methods, if you are somewhat new in the field of blogging, and do not know all the opportunities for profit, then I advise you to review the following guides, in which you will find all the information you need:

Go through the previous guides in the same order until you see all the opportunities, then think a little about which previous methods work best for you, your writing rate, and the way you like to work.

Some people do not like the freelance method, and others do not prefer to rely on profit from ads because this method may take some time.

This is why I want you to take your time thinking about this step, then choose only one way to focus on it and verify it for a good amount of money, and then add another method that you depend on in profit.

And after you achieved success in the second method, add a third method and so on … This is the correct method that I and others followed, and with this I took the first step in order to achieve good profits from blogging.

2. Select the field (Niche) in which you will specialize

Choosing a niche is one of the most important keys to profit from blogging that you have to own, but you must understand its meaning and its different types well.

The intention here in this step is to define a specific field or industry that you write about, such as writing about food, about marketing, about health and other industries.

The secret here in choosing a specific industry is your passions and interests, because you will only succeed as a writer when you write what you love and know more about than the reader, and thus profit from blogging.

Believe me, this step is very important, as many beginners in the world of profit from blogging you find they write about anything and everything, and for this they do not achieve any success.

I will not dwell on you more than that in this step, and if you do not know very well what types of niches you intended, you should refer to the article (Concepts of profit from the Internet), Which will provide you with a perspective that you may not have previously known about the meaning of nits and its various classifications.

If you do not know how to choose a particular niche, I recommend that you also review the article (How to define an electronic blog idea).

3. Make sure of the profitability of your niche

This step is complementary to the previous one, after you chose Niche based on your passion … you must make sure of its profitability and the demand for it in the market

This is done by one of the following methods:

1. Are there a good number of websites specialized in the niche that you have chosen, so the higher this number, the more this indicates that there is a demand for this type of articles in the market?

This method is suitable if you are going to rely on ads or Self-employment In profit from blogging.

2. When you search for the main topics in your niche on Google, do you find ads in the search results? If you find more than one ad, this means that there is competition, companies, sites and service owners willing to pay money to win new customers.

This means that they are willing to pay money for good content that helps them make profits, this method is well suited for those interested in freelance work.

3. Are there multiple affiliate programs in your niche? You can search directly on Google for affiliate marketing programs in your field, or on the websites of major companies and services, or in the large blogs in your field.

If you do not find it, then this means that affiliate marketing may not be suitable to profit from the niche you have chosen, or perhaps the niche is not very profitable.

There are some areas and interests that are more profitable than others, for example, health niche with all its subjects is one of the most profitable areas, and specializing in it is a wonderful thing, unlike, for example, specializing in the football niche, which does not have great profit opportunities, especially for beginners.

I don’t want you to get this step wrong, I always say, ‘Any passion or interest can be a source of income for you on the Internet“But I understand the goal you are pursuing.

You want to achieve income as quickly as possible, and that is why I advise you to choose a niche that is rich in opportunities and methods of profit in order to reach your goal quickly, and for this I made sure to put this step in front of you.

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4. Understand your audience well

The difference between any successful blogger and others is understanding the audience … Understanding the audience means knowing all possible information about the specific category of people to which each piece of content you write.

What is meant by the information here is:

  • The problems that this audience suffers from.
  • Desires and goals that this audience wants to fulfill.
  • Educational level.
  • Social status.
  • Occupation.
  • Interests and habits.
  • The language this class speaks.

For example, I know that I am writing this article for those interested in writing from beginners, and they are often university students who start their working life on the Internet, because this is the most searching category for these subjects online.

You must define the category that you are addressing with your content, and if the niche you chose is a people niche (you will understand the meaning of this term if you read the article that you referred to earlier 🤓), your task will be easier.

Always remember that each piece of content addresses a specific audience, so you will not write a post to address all people on the Internet.

If you are interested in understanding your audience and their personality well, and how to search for this information, I recommend that you review the following guides:

5. Determine the blogging platforms you will rely on

There are many blogging platforms on which you can post and profit from your blog posts, such as:

  • Social media sites
  • Your own site
  • Medium platform
  • Blogger platform

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And other platforms that you may know most of them. I previously prepared a comprehensive guide entitled (The best blogging platforms and how to choose the one that works best for you), Which contains all the information you need to choose the platform that best suits your blogging goals and writing style.

I advise you to review it, and I also advise you to rely on more than one blogging platform … especially in the beginning so that you have a name and an audience, and also so that you get the largest amount of evaluation and reactions to the content you provide.

6. Don’t just know the rules of SEO

Most of the content on the Internet that talks about how to profit from blogging you can find Maktoob (you have to write content according to the rules of SEO), but I think that this is not enough.

You must be proficient with the SEO skill, as it is one of the most important marketing skills you need to enlarge your brand and marketing to every word you write.

This is why it will not only help you to learn what is on-page SEO or how to write headlines to increase the CTR of your articles and other basic information.

In the following links, I will put in front of you the most important resources that you should rely on in order to learn and develop your marketing skills, especially with regard to SEO:

My most important advice is to own a site for yourself, and start testing for yourself everything you learned about SEO on your site, or ask customers you deal with the results of the content you wrote so that you learn from the analyzes and numbers.

7. Keep up with everything new in your area

Not a week goes by and I don’t follow sites like TechCrunch, Indiehackers, Smashing Magazine,, and other sites, groups and Discord servers that specialize in the fields I’m interested in.

Do you do the same in your field? If I ask you about the best bloggers you follow, will you have an answer? If I asked you about the newest studies, research and information in your field, would I find you an answer?

Any good blogger is also someone who is educated, informed, and a good reader, so I search for the most famous sites and influencers in your field and follow them constantly.

Noticeable: Profit from blogging depends mainly on producing content of the highest quality, but to be able to produce good pieces of content, you must always be a leader in your specialty.

8. Write every day

You must write every day, you should not stop your hand from writing on the keyboard or from using the pen every day, as these are among the most important conditions for success in the world of blogging … even if you will only write for 20 minutes.

The most important thing is to write constantly … Write anything even if it is just a summary of all the new that you have seen, try yourself and you will see the difference in the accuracy and speed of your writing and the ease of formulating your ideas with time.

Noticeable: You cannot excel at something without practicing it, and your only way to excel in the blogosphere and make profits through it is through practicing writing every day.

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9. Beware of distractions

Writing is a creative work that requires focus and deep depth in order to be able to collect your ideas and formulate them in a simple and attractive way, so you have to distance yourself from anything that stops you from writing.

The time you devote to writing should be for writing only, for this you should:

  • Leave your phone away while you type.
  • Dedicate a specific place to write in order to train your mind to focus and pay attention to the work in front of you.
  • Not to do anything such as responding to e-mails, opening communication sites, or other distracting activities, unless this is part of the research process before writing.

Remember that every second of your time you spend cannot take it back, so you must learn how to organize your time well, and if you want me to help you with that, you should look at the following evidence

In it, you’ll find practical information and strategies to help you train yourself to resist distractions and thus increase your productivity.

10. Improve your writing style constantly

How do you write your posts?

  • Do you write all the ideas you have first and then start researching?
  • Or do you start searching for the topic you are writing about and then start writing?
  • Do you write the introduction first, or after you finish the article itself?
  • How do you search? Are you just looking at competitors or popular blogs in your industry or what?
  • When was the last time you changed the way you wrote headlines?
  • Do you prefer your voice to be personal, directed as if you are speaking to the reader face to face, or would you prefer another method?

I think you understood what I mean from the previous questions. Any successful blogger who seeks success and profit from blogging … is constantly changing his style.

Here are some ways to help you develop your style:

1. Search carefully for the old articles of the bloggers you follow, compare them with new articles and ask yourself; What has changed?

2. When you read any article online, ask yourself after you finish it (why did you finish reading? Why was the article amusing, interesting and useful, which made you not leave it and look for someone else?)

Also, if you find yourself in front of an article and do not want to finish it … Ask yourself why, this method of analysis will help you understand the different styles of writing, and thus constantly develop your own style.

3. Review your old articles and try to amend and develop them … in this way, you learn from your previous mistakes.

4. Try to find an expert person or someone you work with to review your articles, and give you his notes so that you can use them to learn from your mistakes and develop your style.

5. Look carefully at the numbers, data and the volume of interaction with your articles, as they are a good indication of the quality of what you write.

11. Depend on other methods to profit from blogging (unconventional methods)

To be successful in any creative field, you must think outside the box, and this applies to writing or profiting from blogging in general … Let me give you some examples.

One time I was watching a video of a content creator that I constantly followed on YouTube, and I had a good idea for a video, so I drafted it in the form of a complete and detailed article.

After that, I drafted this article in the form of a script suitable for use on YouTube to make a good video, and then I sent it to him … The result was that he used it in one of his videos and I got very good money.

Since that time, we have been cooperating together periodically, so why not do you too ?! Why not look for different and new ways to profit from your blogging and written content creation skills.

Think a little about everything around you, and try to take advantage of the opportunities that appear in front of you, and learn everything new so that you open new doors for yourself, for example you can learn to write marketing ads or the CopywritingAnd other skills required in the market.

As I told you before, learning, development, and openness to the market is your only way to achieve continuous success and income that satisfies you, and with that, you make a good profit from blogging.

In the end, I wish you success in your journey in the world of blogging, and I want you to never hesitate to leave any question or inquiry you have in the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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