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How To Manage Your Remote Team

How To Manage Your Remote Team

While your team working from home in the current pandemic situation,  it becomes important that you manage it efficiently and each member is up to date about their task and responsibilities. Managing your remote team is not new in this era of network and high productivity is always the demand of the time.
Here are a few points that I would like to discuss which would be very helpful to manage your workforce working remotely 

Trust your Workforce

As team members have already started working from their homes and line managers are not in direct touch or under close observation with the subordinates, it is always recommended not to start doing the micromanagement and keep questioning that may distract them. It would generally have a negative connotation of constant questioning and check-ins. 
However, managers should keep their trust in the team members. This would not just raise the confidence in the team and also raises the sense of responsibility among the team members to achieve the common goals.

Keep your team up to date

A task would be completed or delivered successfully with excellence if the owner is completely aware of its details. Having the complete details of the task/activity makes it easier for the team members to get it done with the required coordination and that results in increased productivity. However, in the case of insufficient information, the task would either get delayed or would be done incorrectly which results in less productivity and a waste of resources and time.
Several Project management tools are available like Zoho, Jira, etc, where the tasks could be assigned to the team members and progress could be tracked on a daily basis. 

Establish Open Communication Channels

Last but not the least communication is a must within your team members to achieve the common goals and to get the project/task done. There should be an open communication call which can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis where each team member is free to share their concern/challenges or if they feel any problem and got stuck in the completion of their tasks. 
This would be the best way to ask the progress update and to share the feedback to meet the project deadlines.
Some of the favorite platforms are Microsoft Teams, Zoom to conduct such meetings/sessions