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How to create a free website on the Wix platform

has become build up A free website is easier than ever, and that’s because you don’t need any prior programming knowledge or even a special programmer.

This is because there are a lot of automatic and free web design services and tools out there as well, and while these services don’t compare to the process of designing and programming a site from scratch in particular, they do work for businesses and small businesses.

The Wix service One of the most popular free website creation services, so we are talking about it today and explaining in detail how to use it.

Aix offers an artificial intelligence service to help you create a free website, through a set of questions and templates to choose from.

You can also use the manual website editor, which means manually selecting and modifying the template, adding images, and Wix applications.

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Using AI in Wix:

And if you want to use AI in Wix, you can choose it from the home page after logging in to the site.

The ADI Wizard can help you create a free website in a few simple steps, which is why we recommend it if it’s your first time designing a website or you want a quick result.

You can use the artificial intelligence wizard through the following steps:

  • Sign in or create a Wix account.
  • Answer a set of questions about your new location so the therapist can help you.
  • Choose Use ADI (Artificial Intelligence On-Site Processor) and click on Start Now.

After that, a set of ready-made templates will appear in front of you to help you create a free website, so choose the templates that you like from them.

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When the wizard has finished designing the site, the home page appears so you can modify it as desired.

There are three main options for modifying the site:

  • Elements:

It is the contents of the page that appears in front of you, such as images, written content, and any other add-on you use.

And when you click on any of them, you will find a list on the left side of the screen, and you can use this list to modify the element as you wish or add new ones.

  • Pages and edits:

The site usually consists of several pages, so from this option you can modify and add these pages.

Each page includes a set of factors that you can modify.

  • general design:

This means the shape and colors of the site’s interface, and from here you can modify all the fonts and colors that the site uses.

Create a free website manually with Wix:

Although this process is easy, it requires some knowledge of the sites and how they work.

This is because Wix asks you to choose an appropriate template for your site, and then modify that template.

And when you choose Select Template, a set of ready-made templates will appear in front of you for different types of sites, and you can choose the appropriate template from them.

After that, the process of modifying the contents of this site begins, and you can modify all the components of the site from pages and side menus extensively.

Wix offers a feature called Apps, which is a group of applications designed to run on your site. These applications provide various options such as:

  • Online store application:

It is dedicated to e-commerce and product display

It displays upcoming events well with their dates.

  • Instagram app:

And this app can move your Instagram page to the site with full compatibility.

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You can use the free Aix link to publish the site, or use your own link from another service, but this requires subscription to Wix’s paid plan.

Wix offers a range of different plans to host your site, which are of course paid hosting, but the process of creating a free website does not require any paid subscriptions to Wix.

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