How to blur background in Google Meet

How to blur background in Google Meet

Google Meet is provided Free for all users In May, at the height of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, video conferencing became a norm, and a month later, Google developed a clear roadmap to add new advantages to compete with other programs such as (Zoom) and (Microsoft TeamsNow, Google has started rolling out a feature that was supposed to be launched months ago.

Google Meet users now have the ability to darken their backgrounds while making video calls, which means that they don’t have to worry about the messy room, and it was only logical that the company launched this basic update before deciding to launch Google Meet and Duo on TV screens via ( Chromecast).

Google also promised in Posted on her blogIt has now introduced a much-needed background blurring feature on Google Meet last August. Google indicated that it will add new features that will allow users to reduce background distractions.

Besides the ability to darken backgrounds during a video conference, Google Meet will also filter background noise to make meetings less distracting, and the company said that the feature will be available to all G Suite customers and users who have personal accounts on Google.

Google has detailed some of the new features in Google Meet – specifically for student use – as these include the ability to blur or replace backgrounds and add a hand raise feature that would make participants draw the presenter or moderator’s attention at any time during a video conference.

Google says that Google Meet will now intelligently separate the user sitting in front of the camera from the background, by blurring the surroundings while keeping the subject clear and focused, as the process is similar to how smartphones work in portrait mode, and in this way users can stop worrying about messy backgrounds. And the use of green screens.

The new feature will be available directly within the browser without the need for any additional extensions or programs, and it will also work on Google Chrome browsers that work on Windows and Mac systems, and Google has indicated that support for (Chrome OS) and (Meet) mobile applications will be launched soon, Although she did not specify a timeframe for that.

Background blurring will be turned off as a default and users will be required to turn it on manually, meanwhile, the company also announced a new screen-sharing option on (Google Duo) that allows users in the video call to browse photos, videos, and more.

How to blur or blur the background in Google Meet:

You can blur or blur the background while you are in a meeting by doing the following:

  • On the bottom right, click on More Personalization and Control Google Chrome browser.
  • Click to turn on background blur.

In case you want to blur the background before the meeting, the following must be done:

  • Go to and select meeting.
  • In the lower-left part of Self-View, click Turn on background blur.
  • To see what it looks like when you blur the background, check it out with the selfie preview of the video.
  • Blurring the background may slow down your device.

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