How Microsoft’s Edge Browser Gets More Efficient

How Microsoft’s Edge Browser Gets More Efficient

Explained a company Microsoft has made several improvements to the new Edge browser since its initial release in January.

AndI wrote Kim Denny (Kim DennyFrom Microsoft: Performance is essential to your success, which makes it the basis of our success, and to help ensure that the browser doesn’t slow down, we always keep performance in mind while we continue to improve Edge, and we’re always working to make Edge faster and more efficient than ever before.

From Microsoft’s point of view, performance in Edge is linked to four main areas: speed, responsiveness, resource use, and size.

Edge saw improvements in each of these areas throughout the year.

the speed:

Microsoft added Profile-oriented (PGO) improvements in Edge Browser version 81 released in March, as well as Link Time (LTO) improvements in version 83 of the browser.

According to Speedometer 2.0, these changes improved the browser speed by 13 percent compared to previous versions of the browser.


The web today is dynamic and interactive, which means that the browser must respond to typing, touch and clicks, in addition to the instant appearance of letters on the screen, the experience of smooth scrolling from the top of the page to the bottom, and the improved response to clicks.

In April, Microsoft announced improvements to its scrolling approach to Edge and contributed to other Chromium-based browsers.

Denny says: These improvements help Edge users feel more smooth and responsive when using a mouse, keyboard, or scrolling through the slider.

resource usage:

Chromium-based browsers have a major problem with resource usage, andMicrosoft is working to reduce the amount of memory and CPU that its browser needs.

And with the 2004 release of Windows 10, Edge took advantage of the memory improvements to Windows in terms of managing memory more efficiently and reducing memory usage in general.

The company reports that Edge’s memory usage is down 27 percent as a result.

the size:

Microsoft wants you to be able to get the most out of your device, and that means having space on your device to save what matters most to you.

The company has halved the amount of space required by Edge over the past year to help increase your device’s storage capacity.

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