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Horizon jails UK Post Office employees

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Over the The past twenty yearsPost office employees were in United kingdom They deal with a program he is called Horizon, which contained errors that made it appear as though the employees had stolen tens of thousands of British pounds.

This led to some local post managers being found guilty of crimes, and even being sent to jail, because the post office insisted that the software could be trusted.

And after decades-long legal battles, Judges abolished The convictions of 39 former postal managers, after what is said: It is the biggest court mistake the UK has ever seen.

The judge said: The Post Office knew there were issues about Horizon’s reliability and had a clear duty to investigate its flaws, but the Post Office consistently maintained that Horizon was reliable and outperformed any sub-postmaster who sought to challenge its accuracy.

Janet Skinner said: “My children were banished for nine months after the program showed a shortfall of £ 59,000, and I lost a job offer due to the criminal conviction.

According to the BBC, a woman was sent to prison for theft while she was pregnant, and a man died by suicide after a computer system showed that he had lost nearly £ 100,000.

Made by Japan’s Fujitsu Corporation, Horizon was first used by the Post Office in 1999 across a variety of tasks, including accounting and inventorying.

The information received from it was used to prosecute 736 post office employees between 2000 and 2014.

Errors in the system lead to reporting that accounts that were under employee control were deficient.

The BBC has reported that some employees have even tried to bridge the gap by re-mortgaging their homes or using their own money.

The employee’s nightmare appears to be nearing its end, as the post office works to compensate employees who have been harmed by the program.

In 2019, the Post Office entered into an agreement with and paid 555 claimants, and established a system for reimbursement of other affected employees, and so far more than 2,400 claims have been filed.

And earlier this month, He said Post CEO: Horizon will be replaced by a new cloud-based solution.

In the same letter, he said: The Post Office is working with the government to compensate employees affected by Horizon inaccuracies.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, expressed banner He describes the original convictions as a horrific injustice.

The BBC reported that the Post Office argued that the errors could not be a bug in the program, despite its knowledge that this was not true.

There is evidence that the post office legal department knew that the program could produce inaccurate results, even before some convictions were issued.

According to the BBC, a representative of the post office workers said: The post office agreed to the loss of lives and freedom for many ordinary people in their pursuit of reputation and profit.

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