Honor cooperates with major chip suppliers after its split from Huawei

Honor cooperates with major chip suppliers after its split from Huawei

She said Chinese budget phone maker Honer Inc., on Friday: it has signed partnerships with major chip suppliers, such as Intel and Qualcomm, after its separation from Huawei In the wake of US sanctions last year.

Huawei sold the Honor brand to a consortium of 30 dealers and dealers in November to help it resume the supply of sanctioned components.

With CEO George Zhao launching the Honor View 40 5G, the first phone from Honer since the split, Honer said in a statement: It now has its own deals with some tech companies.

These deals include MediaTek, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm, Intel and AMD, Micron Technology and SK Hynix.

“The past five months have been a very difficult but meaningful period for us, and we feel the weight of expectations from industry partners and consumers,” Zhao said.

A supplier source said: Honor being a separate entity from Huawei was sufficient for suppliers to supply the components.

Under Huawei, Honer has focused on budget phones, but now aims to move into the middle and upper-class market and expand overseas, Zhao said.

The company said: It continues to strive in the field of the Internet of Things market, describing its strategy 8 + 1 + N, which is the same term used by Huawei.

Nicole Peng, an official at the market research company Canalys, said: The company wanted to prove that it was reborn from the womb of Huawei so that customers could trust it to get the same quality that Huawei was aiming for.

The company shipped 13.3 million phones in the third quarter of last year, just over a quarter of Huawei’s total shipments.

About 8,000 Honer employees have moved from Huawei’s offices to a new headquarters also in the southern city of Shenzhen, and Zhao said: About 50 percent of them have participated in research and development.

On the same day, it was done Spreading a message from the founder of Huawei on the Huawei employee message board, Reports that the company should focus its research and development efforts and discontinue some products due to the US action.

The founder of Huawei’s letter was dated June, that is, before the sale of Honor.

And rounds of tightening US restrictions have stifled Huawei’s access to advanced US chip technology, damaging the phone business.

The United States claims Huawei’s equipment poses a security risk, a charge the company denies.

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