Honk .. an ephemeral real-time messaging app

Honk .. an ephemeral real-time messaging app

The new application called Honk aims to make messaging with friends a real-time interactive experience, so that friends communicate through the application via messages that appear directly as you write, without a saved conversation history nor a send button.

And that gives you the feeling of being more present in the conversation, as Honk informs users the moment someone leaves the chat.

And if you want to get someone’s attention, you can send me Honk, a hard-to-miss notice to join the chat.

And the dedicated app has been launched To a phone IPhone globally after months of testing, with the promise of a real-time messaging experience, but it does not include in-app purchases, nor does it have any clear business model.

And your messages are displayed to the other person as you type in Honk, with pauses and misspellings displayed.

And there is no submit button because it is unnecessary, and you only have 160 characters to express your thoughts, after you reach the limit you hit the refresh button to start from scratch, Honk has no chat history.

Honk is different from most current messaging apps, but it still rivals them all, and the app includes a button called Honk to help you get someone’s attention.

And the other person is flooded with notifications if he is outside the app, or a group of emojis if he is in the app, and you can repeatedly press the button as most drivers do on the road.

And the app has a bunch of customization features as well, so you can change the color of the conversation bubbles. And you can choose the emoji skin color you prefer, which is reflected everywhere via Honk.

You can also set emojis assigned to a word or phrase, so that the emoji you selected appears next to the word every time you type the said word or phrase.

It is clear that the application targets the young audience of teenage users to a large extent, given the options for determining the age at the beginning, and you can choose any age between 13 and 21 years, but everyone older than that is grouped into the elderly + 21 category.

According to its website, Honk is the flagship product of the software company Los Feliz Engineering, and the app aims to make messaging fun, and to enable people to communicate in new and creative ways that deepen relationships.

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