Hold for Me .. A feature that protects you from waiting music

Hold for Me .. A feature that protects you from waiting music

Announced a company Google about Feature New called (Hold for Me) for Android OS, which makes waiting time during phone calls more enjoyable.

And sometimes a phone call can be the best way to get something done, but we need to wait during these calls most of the time and listen to wait music and repeated messages before reaching a customer support representative who can help.

And according to Google, people in the US spent more than 10 million hours waiting while talking to companies last week.

The (Hold for Me) feature is currently available as a preview feature in the United States for the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A phones from Google.

And if you call a toll-free number and you’re put on hold, Google Assistant will monitor the call on your behalf so you can do other things.

And when the other party answers the call, the feature alerts you with a sound, vibration and a notification on the screen. And asks the other party on the call to wait until you can answer the call.

And if at any point you get nervous and want to know what’s going on, you can monitor what is being said – or triggered – with the caption in real time on your phone screen.

There is a button on the screen that allows you to click to return to the call at any time, and under it a message appears saying “Play music”, to indicate that the Google Assistant is still listening to music on hold.

You can also choose to press the red End Call button to hang up from this screen.

Currently, the (Hold for Me) feature is an optional feature that can be enabled in Google Settings.

It can be considered similar to other features that Google has introduced in order to improve the phone experience, such as checking calls, which use voice transcription to allow you to ask the unknown caller and obtain information before actually making the call.

Google explained that the (Hold for Me) feature is based on the intelligence of the call screening technology and the Duplex system, which is an artificial intelligence-based technology that focuses on how to conduct conversations over the phone.

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