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Here are the best online lottery sites for a follower draw

Many content industry workers rely on an electronic lottery system to provide gifts to their followers, as well as to increase the number of followers of the pages or increase interaction with their pages.

And recently, companies have also begun to rely on giving gifts through drawing, and relying on an electronic lottery as well. This is because it is much easier than the usual lottery and guarantees transparency and accuracy in selection.

The idea of ​​relying on an electronic lottery is based on entering a set of data or conditions and randomly selecting between those who meet the conditions, relying on artificial intelligence, and does not require any human input in the electronic withdrawal process.

Therefore, many consider that electronic withdrawals are more fair and transparent than the usual drawing, which is why it is considered the best way to choose between a group of winners.

The electronic lottery programs differ according to the way they work and the conditions for selecting from among the followers. Therefore, here is a group of the best electronic lottery sites and their different methods. for an online draw:

Submit site Random The feature of making an electronic lottery with ease and transparency, and this is because it is based on an easy and very simple principle.

Let’s take an action The electronic lottery From Random you have to enter a bunch of numbers into the site and let it choose from among them.

Where the site chooses a number randomly from the numbers you entered, and the site does not require that these numbers have meaning.

This means that you can arrange your subscribers’ names in a table and give each subscriber a number in order, and then let Random choose the number for the winning subscriber.

When you enter numbers in Random, you enter a certain number of numbers, for example, from 1 to 100, which is the number of participants in your competition.

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants in the competition.

Good Luck Fairy site:

Tool progress Good Luck Fairy An easy way to draw a lottery from Facebook specifically, and this is because the tool can choose randomly from your Facebook post.

You can put the post link inside the tool, and then choose the conditions for choosing the winner, such as choosing from comments only or from comments that wrote a correct answer.

The tool will automatically search for the winning subscribers, and then it will give you the final result.

TweetDraw Best Twitter E-Draw Site:

Gives you a site TweetDraw The opportunity to make a random electronic lottery via Twitter and choose by re-posting the tweet or through a specific hashtag that you rely on.

If you prefer to rely on re-posting the tweet, then you will rely on only one tweet and not a group of different tweets.

And if you are going to use the hashtag to select from more than one different tweet.

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