Hacking the Minister of Communications’ WhatsApp account

Hacking the Minister of Communications’ WhatsApp account

Done breakthrough WhatsApp account of Minister for Communications and Digital Technologies Stella Nadabini Abrahams (Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams), According to For statements South African Ministry of Communications.

The Ministry stated that the private and confidential information reached an external party, without mentioning who this external party is, and the Ministry did not mention how it believed that the account had been hacked.

Ministry spokesman Mish Molakeng said: This illegal activity has been reported to the relevant authorities and platform owners to take action on the matter.

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Technologies added: It is a crime to obtain and distribute illegally obtained information and the perpetrators will be reported to the legal authorities.

The ministry said: It plans to follow legal procedures against the perpetrators, without providing any other information at this stage.

Commenting on the hack, Phumzile Van Damme, MP, Shadow Communications Minister and former spokesperson for the Democratic Alliance, said: Everyone, including the minister, deserves privacy.

She added: This is a violation of her privacy, and no one deserves to violate his right to privacy, regardless of who the minister is and what he did, and there is a line that should not be crossed.

And she continued, saying: Please and I beg you if there are pictures or videos of a sexual nature that you do not publish, and if you share pictures or videos of this kind to someone through electronic channels without permission, this may lead to your entry into prison.

It is reported that Facebook continues its legal battle against the company (NSO Group) – the developer of the well-known (Pegasus) spyware – accused of hacking into the WhatsApp platform.

And theRule A federal judge in California says Facebook’s lawsuit against NSO Group in connection with spying on thousands of WhatsApp users can go forward.

Facebook, which filed the lawsuit last year, alleged that the NSO Group exploited a flaw in WhatsApp to spread its malware against human rights activists, journalists, and political opponents.

The messaging platform is trying Tightening account security And prevent the hacking of the WhatsApp account by activating the ability to log in with your fingerprint, and this new way to log in has some important advantages.

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