Gx Sweat .. Smarter Moisture Sweat Patch

Gx Sweat .. Smarter Moisture Sweat Patch

Launched Gatorade, a new fitness patch called Gx Sweat, is testing your sweat to tell you how you can best re-hydrate and replenish fluids after a workout.

According to the company, the patch provides professional athletes looking to better understand their bodies all the information possible while pursuing performance goals.

The company sells two Gx Sweat pads for $ 25, which links to the Gx app to allow you to moisturize more efficiently, recover faster and avoid cramps.

A sweat patch is placed on the inner portion of your left arm before exercise and absorbs sweat as you move, causing the fluid to pass through a color-changing channel through the pad.

And after you’re done working out, you can check it out via the Gx app, which provides aggregate data from health and fitness apps with 35 years of research by the Gatorade Institute of Sports Science in order to create recommendations that help athletes achieve their training goals and achieve their best performance.

The app seamlessly integrates with Garmin Connect, Strava, and Apple Health to share exercise data, and provides insights into training, recovery and nutrition using a structured digital scale to determine how well the user tracks their individual activity goals each week based on established standards.

When used with the Gx Sweat Patch, the Gx app can provide specific recommendations on hydration to ensure proper hydration before, during and after a workout.

The company says: Gx Sweat is able to provide insights into how much body fluid is lost and how much sodium needs to be compensated for in order to recover.

The Gx app also associates these hydration insights with specific exercises, so you should theoretically have a recommendation on how much to drink before, during, and after every 10 miles that you do.

The price for one patch is $ 12.50, which appears high given that the patch can only be used once.

Gatorade envisions using a patch for every type of exercise someone does, so if you play basketball and just run, buying two Gx Sweat patches for $ 25 might be enough.

Gatorade recommends creating a new sweat account for each climate or temperature in which you exercise, so the more roads and places you exercise, the more you need to spend in order to thoroughly hydrate and recover efficiently.

The Gx Sweat may seem a little unusual, but for an increasingly comfortable world with all kinds of biometric fitness tracking, it appears to be the logical next step for the serious athlete. It is also a way for the company to sell more of its products.

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