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Guacamole lets you answer calls without Hey Google

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Are testing a company Google has a new feature under the codename Guacamole, which will allow you to pause alerts and timers and answer calls via an Android phone by simply saying “pause,” “snooze,” and “answer or reject the call,” without having to carry your phone or even say the phrase Hey Google.

The search giant may not have been planning to reveal this until its annual Google I / O 2021 developer conference on May 18, but information about Guacamole has now leaked.

And Guacamole allows users to perform quick, time-sensitive tasks for the Google Assistant, such as answering calls or mute alerts, over the phone without having to say Hey Google first.

Work on the feature began in version 12.8 of the Google application in early March, and the company was very secretive about this ability and worked hard to conceal its true nature.

Initial descriptions were: Get things done quickly with Guacamole, and development continued over the following weeks.

The settings page was published unintentionally, and it is worth noting that it appears only in the latest beta version of the Google application that runs Android 11 and not the latest developer preview version of Android 12.

Google is currently testing this feature with employees, which explains the unintended disclosure of settings, so that only Google employees should be able to access the assistant menu that links to an internal page.

And in case the feature sounds familiar, it is because Google added a similar feature to some speakers and smart screens Google Home and Nest Hub in Google I / O 2019, where it was possible to say “paused” to stop the alarms from ringing nearly two years ago.

Google said: We are constantly trying new ways to improve the overall experience with Google Assistant, and we don’t have additional details about Guacamole to share at this time.

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