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GoPro is relaunching its smartphone app called Quik

Launched a company GoPro is a new version of its flagship smartphone app, now called Noun Quik.

The new app remains the primary interface for connecting and controlling GoPro cameras, but it also gets new features, including a feature called Mural that’s a bit like your Instagram feed.

This feature is intended to help people organize and save their favorite photos and videos, regardless of whether or not the GoPro camera took them.

The company had launched an application called Quik way in 2016, which was about automatic editing of screenshots, but this application has not been supported for a while, and it will not be available for download after today with the launch of the new Quik application.

The auto-edit feature continues in the new app, which is being launched across Android and iOS.

It also has some other features, such as a video editing suite (including speed mod), themes and filters, and unlimited native quality cloud backup for everything that is posted in Mural feed.

The company charges $ 1.99 a month or $ 9.99 a year for these features, although the primary camera connection and control aspect of the app remains free to use for people who don’t want to pay for new things.

Customers who pay for their GoPro Plus subscription service, which includes unlimited cloud storage, live broadcast functionality, and camera replacement, get Quik features for free.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman sees the new Quik as the culmination of years-long efforts at GoPro to diversify away from devices that began in 2013 and 2014.

By directing the app to a wider audience, not just GoPro users, he believes there is an opportunity that can be exploited.

And this was the strategy with the original Quik app, which allows users to merge photos and videos together without needing to use a GoPro.

Woodman says the app still has nearly eight million monthly active users, although the company has essentially abandoned it.

GoPro has built a complementary business to the camera business through its subscription service Plus, with nearly 800,000 subscribers as of the end of 2020, equivalent to roughly $ 40 million in annual revenue.

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