Google’s Recorder app gets the editing feature

Google’s Recorder app gets the editing feature

Announced a company Google during the (Launch Night In) event that the voice recording application (Recorder) – which is available for (Pixel 2) phones or later – will get an update that will make it easier to search in audio files.

The update allows you to select an audio snippet from a recorded clip, and you can then either share it or remove it from the larger audio file.

Users can copy the files to another application or share them via Google Drive.

In addition, you can search for specific words in the registered version and delete them via Voice Recording Application (Recorder).

According to Google, you will be able to use this feature offline, that is, in the same way that the direct copy function for English works without the need to access the Internet.

One of the most impressive software features in the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 phones is Recorder’s audio editing feature.

The company announced the feature at Post She discusses the (Pixel 5) phone, but it will likely reach some other (Pixel) phones from Google as well.

Last year, the company added the real-time transcription feature and the ability to search for audio clips.

Given that automatic transcripts are made for all recordings, users can use these transcripts for audio editing.

Editing requires users to highlight only the sentence they want to edit, and the corresponding voice will be selected.

The company is also working on making text search easier by adding the Smart Scrolling feature, which automatically highlights important words into longer texts, helping users quickly access information they may need most.

The (Recorder) application was initially very simple when it came to features, as it allowed recording, playing and sharing audio recordings from your device, but successive updates added many features and expanded its usefulness.

The app can identify the difference between sound and music, which makes the app very useful for students who want to take notes from class.

It is reported that the company presented during the (Launch Night In) event a number of new products, such as (Pixel 5), (Pixel 4a), (Chromecast with Google TV) and a smart speaker from (Nest). Besides the products, there was also an announcement about Software updates.

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