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Google’s Pixel 6 Pro may have a triple camera

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We’re still a few months away from launching the lineup a company Google for 2021, but in the meantime, leaks have begun to appear about the Pixel 6 Pro.

And show New photos What might be a bold step forward for Google’s Pixel series, as the Pixel 6 Pro could offer a 6.67-inch curved screen and triple rear camera, including a Periscope-style telephoto lens.

The information indicates that the Pixel 6 Pro uses an OLED screen with a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen, although there is no confirmation of the refresh rate, as well as it comes with dimensions of 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm.

It is expected to offer dual speakers and support for wireless charging – features included in the Pixel 5.

There are some obvious differences in the design as well, as the camera has been moved to a high horizontal bar across the back of the device and a distinct color across the panel above it.

There is no confirmation with this leak whether the phone includes the Whitechapel SoC (cross-chip system), which is a specially designed chip optimized for Google’s smartphone priorities.

Changing the designation from “XL” to “Pro” could also indicate a new relationship between the standard model and the large screen models.

And in previous generations (the Pixel 5 didn’t get its XL counterpart), the XL was the same phone but with a bigger screen, and dropping the XL designation in favor of the Pro might indicate it’s a bigger, higher-end device.

Google has taken a modern conservative approach to Pixel phone hardware and design. Google phones have gained a large number of fans due to the simplicity of the design, affordable prices, and great capabilities in terms of photography and software.

And if the leaks are real, this means that Google is taking a step to challenge other leading companies with high-end hardware.

There is currently no confirmed release date for the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, but Google is expected to stick to the usual timeframe as phones are announced in the fall.

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