Google workers form the Global Trade Union Alliance

Google workers form the Global Trade Union Alliance

Workers meet a company Google around the world came together to form the Global Trade Union Alliance, and the newly formed coalition, called Alpha Global, consists of 13 different unions representing workers in 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The announcement of the Global Trade Union Alliance comes weeks after workers in the United States and Canada founded Alphabet Workers’ Federation AWU, an affiliated union of American telecom workers, and AWU grew from 230 members to more than 700 within a week after its launch.

Alpha Global belongs to the UNI Global Union, a trade union federation that represents 20 million people worldwide, including workers at Amazon.

(Parul Koul, CEO of Alphabet Workers Union and Google Software Engineer, in statement: We know that organizing for justice in a global company like Alphabet doesn’t stop at national borders.

Unions like AWU gain their power by building worker solidarityThe AWU architecture allowed for the inclusion of Google contractors as well as full-time employees.

It also means that the union is not currently recognized by the National Labor Relations Board, and it cannot compel Google’s management to negotiate.

Alpha Global is gaining strength by uniting Google employees in different countries, but the alliance will not have a legally binding agreement with the company.

In the future, the alliance may try to pressure Google to sign the neutrality agreement, a contract that forces Google to support attempts to form unions, although it is doubtful whether the company will agree to these terms.

And the signing of the neutrality agreement may not be necessary for Alpha Global to force change, as UNI Global Union helped In 2020 he is organizing the Make Amazon Pay campaign, an international Black Friday strike that garnered the support of more than 400 lawmakers.

Christy Hoffman, Secretary General of UNI Global Union, says: Problems in Alphabet It is not limited to one country, and must be addressed at a global level.

Alpha Global organizers say they plan to address national issues, such as the treatment of content moderators in certain countries, as well as international concerns, such as forcing workers to sign nondisclosure agreements.

The alliance includes unions from the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Belgium.

The Alpha Global coalition is another sign of the acceleration of the struggle to form tech unions, so that they can save – if successful – A model for workers in other tech giants to find solidarity in offices and warehouses around the world.

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